Kailey & Brad Engagement

The Perfect Engagement Session
September 19, 2020

Springton Manor Farm, Gelnmoore, PA

Kailey and Brad’s engagement shoot at Springton Manor Farm in Gelnmoore, PA was an absolute dream from start to finish!! As we drove to the farm we were already giddy with excitement, we had the most perfect day. There was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was just cool enough to feel like the start of fall, my favorite type of weather! 

When we arrived we started to scope out locations for the shoot. We have shot here in the past but we wanted to change it up. We took the path back into the woods that looked like it might go nowhere. We ended up discovering a gorgeous open field with tall grass and a line of trees that the light was trickling through. You could not ask for more!! 

As you can imagine, when Kaily and Brad arrived I was practically jumping for joy to get started! We began the shoot by walking them through some of the posing and letting them get warmed up to the camera, this was easy since they were already naturals. Throughout the shoot they nailed every pose and by the end of the shoot they were such pros they were posing themselves! They didn’t even mind when I geeked out over my new 85mm lens (which I am now officially obsessed with)! 

These two were so much fun and the love between them was palpable! They were expressive and talkative and willing to do any of the crazy things we could come up with! At the end of the session they felt like close friends that we could just keep talking and sharing stories with for hours. We can’t wait for their wedding day and can only imagine how much fun we are going to have!

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