Emily & Mike Engagement

An Energetic Engagement Session
September 26, 2020

River Common, Wilkes-Barre, PA

On our way to meet Emily and Mike for their engagement shoot at River Common in Wilkes-Barre, PA I was incredibly nervous! I had been checking the weather all week and Saturday was supposed to be perfect and sunny and mid 70’s. When I woke up in the morning it was pouring out! I checked my weather app right away and it showed no rain in Wilkes-Barre all day, I felt so relieved! It even showed a bit of sun in the two hours that we were going to be shooting. 

On the drive up it was still raining. I continuously checked the radar, and it was showing clear! I thought oh no! The weather app is lying!! What if it is raining in Wilkes-Barre! As we continued the hour and a half drive, it rained almost the entire way. Once we were about 4 minutes away, the rain stopped and I crossed my fingers that it would not come back. Somehow we got incredibly lucky and it only sprinkled on us for 5 minutes in the entire 2 hour session! The universe must have heard my pleas. 

We got started in this gorgeous grassy common area that I happened to find tucked away between a few buildings. The photos we captured there are some of my favorites from the day! Emily and Mike also brought along their adorable dog, Arlo. He was so well behaved and posed perfectly! He kept us on our toes and brought laughter and joy to the session. 

Emily and Mike’s fun personalities definitely came out when we popped the bubbly! They gave it a good shake and sent a shower of champagne everywhere, it was EPIC! We ended the session with shots of Alro barreling his way toward the camera, he can run much faster than you would expect with those little legs. The smile on his face was a great representation of the fun we all had throughout the day!

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